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What is a logical investment for me?


Present holdings, personal income and future plans all affect logical choice.


When you invest through Hughes Investments you have the benefits of our broad experience.


We thoughtfully analyze your situation before making recommendations.


Wanted: Thinly traded bank stocks!


We will pay a fair price for your thinly traded bank stock. Don't take that low bid being offered by a market maker. Sell it to us for a fair price. Call Douglas Hughes at 1-888-814-7575.


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Bank Newsletter is the best, most up-to-date advice on investing in community and regional bank stocks. Subscribers will find the financial advice of Douglas Hughes to be perceptive, but more importantly profitable. A money manager with over 10 years of investing in smaller bank and midsize regional bank stocks. His expertise as a financial advisor is very much in demand. As an authority on small community and regional banks he has been quoted by several financial publications, including the L.A. Times, NY Times, SNL Digest and Barrons. We are not concerned with what the investor's worth would be in, say a year or two, but of the wrenching rides the investor may have during that period! 

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Investment Strategy

    The Hughes Investment Management strategy involves primarily investing in undervalued securities of financial service companies, typically equity securities and other securities convertible into or exercisable into equity securities. Given our specialized knowledge and experience in valuing and investing in the securities of banks and thrifts, Hughes Investment Management Anticipates concentrating its investments in securities of financial service companies

Hughes Investment Management

P.O. Box 335

Hunter NY 12442