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Four of our top picks were on Forbes list of 17 takeover targets for 2018.

WOW! 23% of Forbes picks are ours for 2018!

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If we lose you money we don't charge you anything, till we make it back and much more."

We live a good simple life by investing in people and bank stocks, if the bankers are honorable and have reasonable expectations for themselves and those around them. Many things are wrong in the world currently we try the best we can to make life easier and less stress full, we can be reached by phone any day of the year!

"We don't diversify when compensated well" 

"Insider ownership is a must" 

"A large market crash or downturn, is what rich people or soon to be rich people, hope and pray for if they have the financial resources and education to take advantage of it when it occurs" -Douglas Hughes 1999

"Banking is a weird business you are buying people and market area." The idea that a Bank CEO may do something stupid is very high."

"Banks are a hard place to invest, they can always make the short-term look brighter than it really is. We hopefully pick the right people that also have a huge stake in the bank, That's hopefully why your paying us. Usually we are right" 

Bank Deal List

"Many Bank CEO's have been members for years"

" I used to get over 20 newsletters now I get just one, just simple straight to the point advice on investing in value bank stocks"

" I can read there letter in under 5 minutes, many letters never get to the point"

"I used to run my own money, now Hughes Management Staff does, his firm is second to none they now run 90% of all my funds and I can reach douglas hughes himself 24/7" 

"Bank deal prices are climbing maybe going for over 2 times book with bank stocks going up each day!"

"A wave of deals in 2018, like nothing we have ever seen, this is your last chance to sell!"

"Almost no downside risk on the ones we recommend."

"Many are very small and very thinly traded but that's ok we love markets that are inefficient that's the only way to make real money!"

"We find banks no one has ever heard of, with 30 years working in this sector people call us!"

"We look everyday for cheap banks, everyday we compare 50 banks or more."

About Us

Planning Futures

   The Hughes Investment Management strategy involves primarily investing in undervalued securities of financial service companies, typically equity securities and other securities convertible into or exercisable into equity   securities. Given our specialized knowledge and experience in valuing and investing in the securities of banks and thrifts, Hughes Investment Management Anticipates concentrating its investments in securities of financial service companies

A Proven Approach

Bank Newsletter is the best, most up-to-date advice on investing in community and regional bank stocks. Subscribers will find the financial advice of Douglas Hughes to be perceptive, but more importantly profitable. A money manager with over 20 years of investing in smaller bank and midsize regional bank stocks. His expertise as a financial advisor is very much in demand. As an authority on small community and regional banks he has been quoted by several financial publications, including the L.A. Times, NY Times, SNL Digest and Barrons. We are not concerned with what the investor's worth would be in, say a year or two, but of the wrenching rides the investor may have during that period! 

Why Us?

Our team is comprised of people with different kinds of finance experience, but we all have this in common--a commitment to ethics and integrity. We’re all fully licensed and credentialed. And you can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance. 

We have been featured in
Barron, Thestreet.com, and Forbes

Douglas Hughes himself is an avid skier and fisherman. He competes in Spartan and Tough Mudder events all over the east coast, coming in the top 3 in his age group. What investor has that determination!

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